A Beginner's Guide to Invisalign Braces

In a modern orthodontics world, you have lots of choices when it comes to braces. One of the most popular is Invisalign, as they are discreet yet they do the job well. If you're still considering your options, here's a beginner's guide to invisible braces and how they work.

A Bespoke Treatment Plan

No two pairs of invisible braces are the same. This is because your orthodontist will mould them to fit your oral profile and adjust them as time goes on. With a bespoke fit, it's possible to gently align your teeth until they're straight.

Using 3D modelling, your dentist can assess your teeth's current angles and create a plan that moves them. How long treatment takes usually varies between patients. However, you can expect that it will last between 12 and 18 months.

Unique Aesthetic Advantages

Orthodontic treatments have come a long way over the last few decades. In the early days of braces, most solutions were highly visible and could leave people feeling self-conscious. If you're looking for a treatment that has optimal aesthetic benefits, invisible braces are the way forward.

In addition to being discreet, invisible braces don't catch food or leave stains in the same way that traditional ones do. This means you'll have an even colour across your teeth and you won't need to worry about routine whitening treatments. When you're in social situations, not having to worry about catching food such as popcorn in your teeth can prevent you from feeling self-conscious. Providing you wear your Invisalign braces for between 20 and 22 hours a day, you can also remove them to eat.

Ongoing Support After Treatment Completion

As with other types of braces, those that are invisible require some ongoing support after treatment completion. Although your teeth will look and feel straighter, they may have a tendency to drift into different positions. Fortunately, your orthodontist can offer a solution that prevents this from happening.

For a few weeks or months after your treatment ends, you'll benefit from retainers. How you'll wear your retainers will depend on your individual preference and situation. By following your orthodontist's instructions, you can ensure the work your invisible braces perform is available for you to enjoy for years to come.

Whether you're certain that invisible braces are right for you or you want to explore other options, speak to your local dentist or orthodontist for further guidance.

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